About Us


Our Philosophy

The Aspire Program is founded on the belief that supportive relationships are instrumental to helping young adults achieve their career and training goals. This belief ties in with our commitment to positive youth development, an approach to working with people that assumes young adults can and will make positive contributions to society.

The stage of life known as young adulthood is full of transitions. As high school comes to an end and a life of independence begins, many young adults consider their plans for the years ahead. Entering the world of training and careers can pose special challenges for young adults who have experienced barriers to success. By building skills and getting involved in the community, young adults can make steps toward achieving their goals. Mentors contribute to this success by modeling employment-related skills and behaviours and by becoming a caring, consistent figure in young adults’ lives.

Mentorship can make the difference. What skills, passions, and experiences are you willing to share with young adults in our community?