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We appreciate all of our volunteers and recognize that they lead busy lives. That is why we offer many ways to get involved. 

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Types Of Mentorship & Training

Group Mentors

Are you able to chat with a small group about what it’s like to work in your industry? As a group mentor, you will be invited to describe your day-to-day work experiences for a small group of young adults who are interested in joining your field. Group mentors offer practical, real-world information for young job seekers, such as

  • What skills do you use at work?
  • What kind of training is required?
  • How are jobs in your field advertised?
  • In which settings does someone in your industry usually work?
  • What advice do you have for someone entering your field?

Group mentors are asked to make a short-term commitment, meeting with the same small group on several occasions.

Project Mentors

Do you have a skill or passion that you’re willing to share with the community? Are you excited by the idea of working collaboratively with young adults?

Project mentors have the opportunity to work with a small group of young adults as they complete a project related to their employment and training goals. For example, a mechanic might teach young adults about basic car maintenance. A chef might host a weekly cooking group. The opportunities are endless, limited only by the skills you are willing to share.

Gaining hands-on experience is an excellent way for young job seekers to develop the confidence and skills they need to plan their futures. Mentors benefit as well from a unique leadership opportunity. Unsure where to begin? Aspire staff members are prepared to offer support and resources to turn your idea into a reality.

Career Mentors

Are you looking for an opportunity to support young adults as they work toward their career and training goals? Consider becoming a career mentor—you’ll be impressed by who you meet.

Career mentors commit to meeting a young adult in the community twice per month for a minimum of 1 year. Following our evidence-based process, mentor-mentee matches are made based on a variety of factors, including shared life experiences and personal interests. We are fully committed to supporting every mentoring relationship and are excited to provide mentors with comprehensive training as well as many opportunities for continuing education.

Mentor Training

At Aspire, our aim is to ensure that mentors feel truly supported throughout their involvement with the program. That is why we prepare all beginning mentors with basic training that covers the skills required to lead a successful mentoring relationship. In addition, we’re pleased to offer various opportunities for continuing education throughout the year.
Staff members are committed to regular check-ins with mentors to offer guidance and support. We also provide individual coaching and problem-solving advice upon request.